Folding Reading Glasses Nezt5030 Steel Full Frame 老花眼镜 +1.5
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Product SKU Nezt5030-1.5
Size (L x W x H) 16 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm
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  • Durable Folding Steel Full Frame
  • Anti-BluRay 防蓝光
  • +150 +200 size
  • Eye Protection
  • Suitable For Elderly or With Far-Sightedness
  • Foldable Easy Storage

Computers, cell phones and all kinds of 3C products contain high-energy harmful blue light, which causes great damage to eyes

Long-term blue light irradiation causes various eye diseases such as retinopathy, cataract, blindness and other degrees of eye diseases

Night driver:

Blu-ray glasses can reduce the irritation of blue light to the eyes. When driving at night, it can effectively reduce the glare to stimulate the eyes, improve the contrast of the vision, drive more safely, and make the eyes more comfortable.

Myopia / hyperopia / presbyopia / astigmatism

Adolescents are in the period of development, and there are many factors affecting the degree change, and high-intensity harmful light is one of the main factors. Daily protection against harmful light such as blue light is an effective way to protect young people's eyesight.


No degree student:

Students are more and more interested in playing computers and games. They are close to the screen, and their delicate eyes have no protection. Blu-ray protection is especially important.


Wearing empty frame glasses:

Many fashion people love empty frames, but in the face of strong outdoor UV or indoor computer mobile phone viewing environment, the equivalent of not wearing glasses, in the face of video, to increase a pair of anti-Blu-ray lenses safer.

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1 x Steel Full Frame Foldable with +1.5 Reading Glasses